Food is a matter of personal taste. Therefore, what I happen to like might not appeal to some other people and visa versa. For those of you who do not know, a cheeseburger is merely a patty of ground meat, usually beef, which is cooked to the desired level per your request. Some kind of cheese is subsequently added to the patty and together they are inserted between two halves of a bun. The end result is called a cheeseburger, which might also contain other condiments, like peppers, mushrooms, onions and lettuce. Some people would rather have horseradish, sour pickles, honey nustard or some such mustard dressing, ketchup, hot sauce, hot peppers and a host of other forms of flavoring. I also like many other combinations the cheeseburgers that I do purchase and have purchased within the past.

American cheese is the most popular kind of cheese as part of the cheeseburger, but any kind of cheese can be added to your sandwich. I prefer pepper jack, blue cheese or Swiss cheese on my hamburger. If you do not already know, at one time or another, the major fast-food chain restaurants all put those other kinds of cheeses on their various kinds of hamburgers.

From my point of view, I like the burgers from all of the fast-food restaurants. You must admit that each cheeseburger is somewhat different in size, shape, meat, cooking process and taste.

Then again, my favorite cheeseburger is a variety known as a Swiss burger. Briefly, that is a meat patty topped with Swiss cheese and also added to the sandwich is tartar sauce, grilled onions, mushrooms and lettuce. The half pound size ground beef patty cooked to the level of being well done is my meat of choice. I could eat one of those each day for the rest of my life, but few restaurants make such a delight. I have to custom order, beside the beef patty, what I want on my sandwich and most restaurants are most agreeable with that request.

You see, they most certainly want my business and I was never disappointed with their final result, no matter what kind of bun that they use to complete the construction of my most favorite cheeseburger. As a matter of fact, rye bread, Texas toast, Italian bread or even pita bread is perfectly fine with me.

So you know, any kind of French fries on the side is also quite agreeable with me. You should also know that I am not an expert in fine dining. Then again, the simplest foods served hot right from the grill and fryer is perfectly fine with me.

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