There are some hairstyles for double chin that can help you deal with this beauty issue.

However, they won’t take the double chin away but they will make it less noticeable.

The most important thing is to avoid your hairstyle to fall at the jaw or chin because this will draw attention to your double chin.

The general rule is to keep your hair either above or below the jaw line – 2 inches (5 cm) at least.

But, there are some experts who say that you should avoid long haircuts as well because they will also draw more attention to your chin.

They recommend only short hair. For example, tall spiky hair can lessen the appearance of a double chin. A bob is ideal.

Then again, hairboutique.com says you can reduce the appearance of too much chin by choosing a long choppy shag style with layers than softly curve in towards the chin and down along the neck.

In my personal experience, choosing a short cut is the best way to go – something with lots of chunky layers or wearing your hair up to create the illusion of a longer, slimmer neck.

But if you have a double chin and want to get rid of the problem, then do more then just camouflaging it.

Your first option should be a cosmetic surgery. Unfortunately, these surgeries are expensive – about $2000-$4,500 – and therefore not many people can afford them.

This is why many people turn to cheap chin wraps, such as the Velform chin wrap. It re-firms the chin and reduces the look of sagging. Numerous people have great success with the wrap and after using it correctly they have a firm chin once again.

Another affordable solution is the Verseo Perfect Profile. It is hand-held massager that massages your face into shape.

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